Universal Exercise Unit - Full equipment

Universal Exercise Unit - Full equipment

Universal Exercise Unit - Full equipment

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Full equipment set includes:

KC-01 Cord - lenght. 1600 mm 14 pcs
KC-02 Cord - lenght. 960 mm pcs
KC-03 Cord - lenght. 2450 mm pc
KC-04 Cord - lenght. 5720 mm pc
KC-05 Cord - lenght. 3750 mm pcs
KC-06 Forearm and lower leg sling 420x100 pcs
KC-07 Thigh and arm sling 540x135 pcs
KC-08 Pelvic sling 830x230 pcs
KC-09 Chest sling 820x300 pc
KC-10 Head sling 150x530 pc
KC-11 Feet sling 75x610 pcs
KC-12 Two-joint sling (pad 160x80 strap 40x135) pcs
KC-13 Universal strap for pelvic traction 1330x170 pc
KC-14 Suspension - feet 135x170 pcs
KC-17 Weight 0,5 kg pcs
KC-18 Weight 1,0 kg pcs
KC-19 weight 1,5 kg pcs
KC-20 Weight 2,0 kg pcs
KC-21 Weight 2,5 kg pcs
KC-22 weight 3,0 kg pc
KC-23 Weight 4,0 kg pc
KC-24 Hook 60 pcs
SE/03 Lumbar segment or chest stabilisation strap (pad 210x448 3 straps 30x1130) pc
FC/01 Chest stabilisation strap (Pad size 118x300 strap 40x1080) pc
UP/02 Lower leg stabiliation strap (Pad size 100x120 strap 40x1320) pcs
FC/02 Arm and forearm stabilisation strap (Pad size 100x120 2 straps 40x365) pcs
FC/03 Thigh stabilisation strap (Pad size 118x300, 2 straps 30x1100) pc
US/02-01 Glisson's sling / Trapeze for Glisson's sling pc
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